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Excellent service and food would recommend, cooked fresh

Shiraaz, 19Sep17

Never any complaints. Always fresh every time

Sunny, 16Sep17

Quick delivery and a very friendly delivery person

Faheema, 09Sep17

Excellent service and food always would always recommend.

Shiraaz, 09Sep17

Always lovely food and friendly service when food is deliveted. I love oodles!

Jayeesha, 26Aug17

Best in Leicester

Mirza, 25Aug17

I live in a block of flats in the city. The delivery driver followed my directions perfectly. Very satisfied

Vickie, 24Aug17

Could be delivered earlier

Naz, 23Aug17

The food can be very nice and making u want more

Karl, 20Aug17

Perfect food every time

Mirza, 17Aug17

Great service. Got it in 30 minutes of ordering!

Arshad, 17Aug17

The driver was nice.

Elizabeth, 15Aug17

The driver was really nice.

Elizabeth, 15Aug17


Brandon, 13Aug17


Yaseen, 11Aug17


Yaseen, 11Aug17


Laura, 08Aug17

Feroz the delivery driver is always in a good mood and has full respect when talking to me and my dad!

Omar, 07Aug17

Good as always

Emilia, 31Jul17

Very warm food, spot on thanks guys

Jetal, 30Jul17

Lovely food but pricey and takes a long time to deliver

Trudy, 29Jul17


Zain, 29Jul17


Marlena, 29Jul17

Incredible food, unfortunately quite slow service when ordering for delivery.

Matthew, 28Jul17

would be nice if we were able to track it like you track your uber

Mia, 26Jul17

Always top notch grub at a good price

Rose, 23Jul17

The food is very tasty

Omar, 22Jul17

Good food , quick service and good customer service. But there needs to be new dishes introduced , I've tried everything on the menu now and I'm getting a bit bored.

Haleemah, 22Jul17


Hama, 21Jul17


Hama, 21Jul17

Overall it is good

Siva, 17Jul17


Mateusz, 17Jul17

amazing food with amazing delivery service, the driver Feroz is fast and always happy to help.

Roop, 17Jul17

Highly recommend

Gary, 15Jul17

Roses are Red Violets are blue Oodles Noodles I am hungry And I need you

Alex, 14Jul17

Good staff and service

E, 11Jul17

Love the food

A, 09Jul17

I absolutely love this place! I eat here daily if I could lol. No I eat here 34 times a week. I eat the same thing every time but today 772017 I had the best tasting box ever. The crispy chicken was crispy more then I've ever had it before.

Kirsty Davis, 07Jul17

Regular customer

Aon, 01Jul17

Regular customer

Aon, 01Jul17

The food is always. I have introduced a lot of people to the delights of Oodles, but they live just 1mile further than me for delivery which is often turned down.....Charge an extra quid or 2 for extended radius me....people will pay. If you find an area a few miles out of your delivery zone that keeps being turned it time to open another Oodles? Think about it!

Dave, 29Jun17

nice food but late delivery - took 2 hours

Pete, 28Jun17

I love this food. Can't get enough of it.

Kirsty, 23Jun17

great food

Elina, 11Jun17

We order pretty much every Friday and always tastes amazing thanks oodles

Lauren, 09Jun17

Always order from here we can't get enough

Alex, 03Jun17

Tasty food and came piping hot

Ronaldo, 01Jun17

its was great tasting and very warm when it was delivered

Lauren, 28May17

This place is great just wish it would be a little faster

Jack, 28May17

App showed 18mins remaining for delivery, came too early.

Jyoti, 27May17

Website is easy to use, food came warm and delivery was very quick

Dylan , 25May17

Best noodles I've had in Leicester!

Lucy, 19May17

Oodles Noodles is my go to food place

Mehq, 08May17

Great job at Asian fast food

Deepali, 07May17

Really good

Jayeesha, 06May17

brill thanks

Mark, 06May17


Enrique, 05May17

Best Chinese in Leicester!!

Sanjay Singh, 04May17


Neha, 30Apr17

Have eaten here twice the food is lovely always cooked just right and service and quality is very high. Would recommend, lovely place to eat.

Mercedes, 30Apr17


Muhammadzaid, 29Apr17

i didnt expect the delivery time is that so fast. and the food is just amazing

Pham, 23Apr17

Good range of delivery.

Nium, 22Apr17

Excellent food and customer service

Shiraaz , 18Apr17

Thanks from the girls who ordered from here. Top stars

Jetal, 17Apr17

Love this place

Abdul, 15Apr17

amazing 1010

Auzair, 12Apr17

Very polite too.

Ramia, 09Apr17

Amazing. Delivered within the time specified. Lovely spicy prawn dish, great noodles and fluffy rice. Would definitely recommend

Mark, 05Apr17

very nice

Kevin, 05Apr17


Billal, 05Apr17


Mo, 04Apr17

Excellent all round service and food

Shiraaz , 04Apr17


Basharat, 04Apr17

Recently, I visited Leicester and visited both the branches of OODLES CHINESE & tasted the food. It was fress and delicious, standard of cleanliness was of highest level, service was quick.

Yusuf Patel, 03Apr17

Very Nice

Billal, 30Mar17

Good food, but can take a while.

Sazeda, 29Mar17


Reshma, 26Mar17

Really good food

Joe, 26Mar17

Always very tasty.

Callum, 26Mar17


Nas, 26Mar17


Nas, 26Mar17


P, 25Mar17

not bad

Paschal, 25Mar17

Lovely food every time.

James, 25Mar17

Very good value and delicious food. Please try your best to deliver for 16.30 as work order. Thank you

Rupesh, 25Mar17


Rabia, 24Mar17

great food

Nabdulla, 18Mar17

Food is amazing

Akshay, 18Mar17


Auchi, 17Mar17

What can I say about Oodles? Honestly, one of the best Chinese takeaways we've ever had. The flavours are so different & unique. Outstanding. The service is always a joy & can't credit the employees enough. Very quick service, we always receive our food within 20 minutes. Oodles, always & forever 3

Becky Sharp, 15Mar17

Excellent as always

Shiraaz , 14Mar17

amazing food

Marty, 13Mar17

Ate three times before loved it every time

Jack, 11Mar17

best food i order from home and work good food keep it up

Mark Walker, 06Mar17

Very polite service when delivered, food was hot and didn't take as long as expected

Natasha , 06Mar17

The food was delicious and hot. Delivery was super fast - came in 25 minutes!

Gabi, 05Mar17

Everything was perfect

Donggyu Lee, 04Mar17

very good

Mark Walker, 03Mar17


Mark Walker, 03Mar17